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Next Prayer (adhan)

Next Prayers (Adhan)



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The MCA Women’s Committee aims to foster a sense of belonging, friendship and sisterhood through various community events for muslim women from all walks of life. Our programs are geared towards empowering Muslim women as well as providing them with opportunities for personal development and growth. We hope to make the masjid an inclusive space for all our sisters and in addition to striving to make our events eco-friendly, we hope to empower our youth by organizing programs to help create confident young muslims.

We offer:

  • Monthly Women’s Wellness Programs.
  • Weekly sisters’ Halaqas.
  • Quarterly Potlucks with a Purpose.
  • Annual Women’s conference.
  • Parenting/Educators’ Workshops.
  • Paint nights and crochet evenings.
  • Playgroup for kids under 5.
  • Storytime with local Bay Area authors.
  • Teen Empowerment Programming.
  • Monthly Sisters’ Hikes.

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We are open to and excited to hear all your ideas! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the women’s committee chair Saba Fathima at with your awesome ideas! We look forward to hearing from you!