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Empowering Muslim Reverts

Nurturing New Beginnings, Embrace Your Journey, Discover Resources, and Flourish in Faith
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Congratulations on embracing Islam

Assalamo Alikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Congratulations on embracing Islam, the key to a blessed lifetime journey. May Allah bless you abundantly and provide you with support and ease throughout your path. Remember that Allah loves those who strive to please Him, so continue your efforts and always remember that you are worshipping the All-Merciful.

The purpose of this document is to assist you on your journey. We recommend taking things step-by-step and avoiding rushing, while knowing that we are here for you whenever you need assistance.

First and foremost, it is essential to learn about the pillars of Islam and Iman. Secondly, focus on establishing the five daily prayers. Afterward, continue seeking knowledge and reflecting upon what you learn from the Quran and Sunnah.

Below, you will find resources to help you commence your life-changing journey towards Allah. Please keep in touch with us, and remember the Outreach team in your prayers. May Allah bless you and gather us all in Jannah with our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


Shahada Certificate

If you haven’t received your New Muslim (Shahada) certificate yet, please fill in this form and email to request one. The team will send you a DocuSign document to proceed. This certificate serves as proof of your Muslim identity and can be beneficial for future needs.

When emailing for your certificate, please include:

  1. Date of Shahada
  2. Name of the Imam who conducted the Shahada at MCA
  3. Names of the witnesses present from the Outreach Group.

Need a Buddy/Mentor?

If you would like to receive 1:1 support from a Muslim brother or sister, please fill in this form and email us at In your email, kindly provide a self-introduction and specify your expectations for assistance from a buddy, such as regular meetings, community integration, making new friends, and more.

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Weekly Classes

We encourage you to enroll into the following classes:

Islam 101: Islamic Education Class for New Muslims

In collaboration with the MCA DAWAH Committee, MAS Bay Area and WhyIslam. We are pleased to announced that we have new and on-going classes (free of cost) for our New Muslim brothers and sisters, and for people who are curious to learn more about Islam. We welcome people of all faiths to come and join us. 

Timing: Every Thursday 6:30 PM- 8 PM

Address: MCA, Maryam Hall 3003 Scott Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95054
Contact us via email if you have any questions or concerns:
What does this class entail?
  1. Come Learn the basics of Islam faith and practice.
  2. Get answers to your burning questions
  3. Meet the larger Muslim Community
  4. Find a Mentor
  5. Discuss issues facing converts
  6. Get additional resources available to converts or people who are interested in Islam

Quranic Arabic Class

Objective of this class is to prepare you to read and understand Al-Quran in Arabic language.

Click this link for details about the class
Instructor: Khalid Sabzwari
First class was on: Sunday, June 11th (if joining after this date contact the instructor)
Class Days: Sundays
Class Timing: 9AM – 10AM
Location: Aisha Hall, Muslim Community Association (MCA)
                  3003 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Note: this class will be live in-person in-sha-Allah.
For any questions send email to instructor at:
or text message to: 408-398-9283, or whatsapp at 408-320-8940

New Muslimah Support Group and Halaqa

New Muslim classes and support group by MAS for the sisters. Every Monday 6:30-8 pm on Zoom

Prayer and Wudo

Below are some recommended tutorials and apps:

Prayer Guide

Performing Wudo (Ablution)

How to Pray (Video)

NamazApp: Learn Salah

Prayer and Wudo

Below are some recommended tutorials and apps:

Prayer Beginner's Guide

Prayer Azkar with Transliteration

How to Pray (Video)

Prayer Time and Azhan App

Quran and Recitation

Below are some recommended tutorials and apps:

Tarteel - recitation and memorization

Azkar (remembrance of Allah) App

Quran Recitation

Quran and Recitation

Below are some recommended tutorials and apps:

Quran Translation

Quran Recitation (Audio)

Quran App

TV Shows, Stories and Events

Below are some recommended ones:

Guided by Quran

Muslim FOMO App

TV Shows, Stories and Events

Below are some recommended ones:

Revert Stories

Halal Tube

Outreach Blog

Coming Soon – The Latest News & Updates

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