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Quran Halaqah for Brothers Only with a Qualified Quran Teacher

Join us every Monday & Wednesday after Maghrib Prayer

What: This course is designed basically for the advanced learner who has memorized the Quran or parts of it, studied Tajweed rules, put them into practice for a period of time, and they are ready to get their certificate of specialization. A qualified Quran teacher (Qari) with chains (Sanad) back to Prophet Mohammed PBUH will accompany you in your journey with the Quran and its Tajweed rules till the point that you get your Recitation Quran Ijazah Certificate. In Quran ijazah, students will study: deep knowledge about basic and advanced Tajweed; perfect Quran recitation; common mistakes in Quran recitation; and ways to teach Quran.

Registration is required.

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Nov 22 2023


12:00 am - 1:00 am