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  • REGISTER NOW !! by completing this form: <<< REGISTRATION FORM >>>.  Please complete the form once for every kid.
  • Payments will take place on Friday 10/19/2012, 7 PM at the MCA banquet hall.
  • FIRST HAHAQA !! Academic year 2012/2013 will start on Friday 10/19/2012, at 7 PM, inshaAllah Smile
  • Please bring your kids to the corrsponding classroom according to their grades, as shown in the map below. Please evacuate the hallways right after and come to pick them up at 8 PM (for boys) and 8:30 PM (for girls). 



We seek to embrace, raise, and empower our youth, in order to shape a God-conscious Muslim American generation that is best for the community, best in the Ummah.


In order to achieve our goals, we provide a venue where Muslim Youth have the opportunity to get together weekly in order to connect with their fellows, build their personalities, improve their social networking skills, sharpen their teamwork and leadership qualities, strengthen their bonds with the masjid as their home not only as a prayer hall, find and build up their hidden and new talents, acquire good morals, grasp Islamic education, and ultimately develop a deeper love for Islam as a comprehensive way of life. In the long term, become empowered leaders of our community.


WHAT: The MCA Youth Halaqa is a youth-focused program that has been running at the Muslim Community Association facilities for the past few years. With the blessings of Allah swt, this effort has come and continues to be offered to the Muslim community in San Francisco Bay Area by very dedicated Leaders and organizers.

HOW: In each halaqa, the assigned leader conducts activities and discusses issues relevant to the specific ages and environment in the halaqa. With a blended integration of educational and fun activities, Halaqas aspire to raise a generation of committed and disciplined Muslims who will spread the message of Islam and implement it within their communities locally in the bay area and globally in the whole world. The ages of students range from 8 to 18 years old (3rd grade to high school) for both females and males and are grouped accordingly.

Halaqa leaders are dedicated volunteers who have been involved in the Muslim Community work and dawa activities, have experience working with youth, and are persons whom we trust to be good examples and role models for our youth.

WHEN: Halaqas meet for an hour or more starting 7 p.m. on Fridays. The exact halaqa length is decided by the halaqa leader based on his/her specific halaqa environment. An exact calendar including the halaqa holidays is included herewith. Typcailly boys halaqas go: 7-8pm and girls halaqa go: 7-8:30pm.

WHERE: All halaqas take place in the classrooms and courts of Granada Islamic School (GIS), which is part of the MCA buildings located at: 3003 Scott Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA. Additionally, individual halaqas organize occasional activities for their own groups.


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