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The MCA is a community center, and one of the pillars of this center is our sisters. Sisters are the core of our Masjid; from raising the young to nurturing the old, the role of each woman is integral for our community.

But in order to help others continue to grow, our sisters need to have the opportunity for self-growth and development as well. Thus, the objective and mission of the MCA Women’s Committee is to provide a spiritually and socially reviving atmosphere for the women of our community.

The Women’s Committee does this through providing seminars, social activities, health and fitness workshops, as well as provide various support groups. Another important part of the MCA community is our children under the ages of eight. Thus during this deeply impressionable period in an individual’s life, the MCA Women’s Committee actively seeks to help provide fun and engaging programs about Islam for both children and their families.


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Time Activity
9:00AM Arrival
9:00AM - 9:45AM Circle Time
9:45AM -10:15AM Snack time(offered by program) /Bathroom
10:15AM- 10:45AM Outside Playtime
10:50AM - 11:35AM Quran Time
11:35AM - 12 Noon Activity time connected to Theme
12:00PM - 12:45PM Lunch Time (Packed lunch provided by parents)
12:45PM - 1:00PM Story/ Game time
1:00PM Departure - Prompt pick up otherwise late fees incurred


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MCA Arabic Playgroup:

"The Arabic Playgroups is a big family of moms and their kids. The moms in this family choose to introduce their preschoolers to the Arabic language and small suras of the Quran and have fun with other kids and families who share the same interests. The teachers and the helpers are volunteer moms whose kids are in the same group. More information about us, you can find it in the forms below. Please fill in the form that fits your child's age on 9/1/2016. Please read carefully to make sure that the times we offer fits your schedule before you register for the fall class." 
For new families registration for 2 years old kids in Fall 2016
For new families registration for 3 years old kids in Fall 2016
For new families registration for 4 years old kids in Fall 2016


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