STEM Program*NEW

This program inspires students of the community to excel in subjects needed in the 21st Century and help prepare them to be successful in college majors and careers in STEM, so that they can actively contribute to the Muslim community and the society at large. Click here to learn more.

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Noor Hifz Academy

noorHifz This is a full-time Hifz (Tahfeez ul-Quran) program run by MCA. Hifz is taught through individualized instruction that incorporates correct memorization and review of new material as well as ongoing cumulative review in accordance with individually assigned daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Goals are determined in accordance with the studentís demonstrated ability to memorize.

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Youth Groups

On Friday nights during the academic year, youth meet at the MCA Islamic Center to attend their "halaqas" or circles of learning with their peers and halaqa leaders to conduct activities and discuss issues relevant to their ages and environment. Halaqas are oriented in such a way to integrate Islamic education along with the activities.

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Weekend Islamic School

wis-iconWeekend Islamic School (WIS), popularly known as Sunday school, provides supplementary Islamic education to a diverse group of students with different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. This diversity is also reflected in the composition of the teachers and staff.

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Granada School

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Granada Islamic School (GIS) was established in 1988 by the Muslim Community Association (MCA) to meet the PK-8th grade educational needs of the Muslim community of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Al-Arqam School

arqam-iconAl-Arqam Schoolís mission is to provide supplemental Islamic education for students 6 to 12 year of age in recitation of Quran, Quran memorization, Arabic language and Islamic studies. The program emphasizes proficiency in recitation of Quran and provides structured and progressive instruction towards a mastery level.
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Cordoba Academy

Cordoba Academy is an after school Quran reading (Tajweed) and memorization program for children and Women. Its mission is to provide low cost high quality education to Muslim community in science of Quran Tajweed with emphasis on character building based on the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

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