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Now you can advertise products, services and events on our website using banners to display their information.

The Muslim Community Association Website receives about 9000 unique visitors a week with an average of 30000 page views on our website.

Just for 3 days (From Monday 08-09-2010 to Wednesday 08-11-2010), We had average 9000 visitors per week and 35000 pageviews/week. To see our web traffic report please click here to download web traffic analytics reportalt.

You can chose one or many placements from different Zones as showing below where your banner will be displayed.
This would allow prominent exposure to your advertisement.

We offer four types of Zones advertisement and 4 different sizes of banners with Flat rate:

 - Zone1 (Home Page)   | - Zone2 (Video Section) | - Zone3 (Live streaming webcast) | - Zone4 (Online Bookstore)



    •  Zone 1 (Home Page)
      - Full horizontal banner (580x70)    [$80/week]
      - Square banner (170x170 )    [$60/week]


    •  Zone 2 (Video Section)
      - Square banner (170x170 )    [$60/week]


    •  Zone 3 (Live Streaming Webcast)
      - Full horizontal banner (580x70)  [$50/week]
      - Full vertical banner (70x580 )   [$50/week]


  •  Zone 4 (Online Bookstore - All website)
    - Square banner (170x140 )    [$80/week]


Note: that your banner in any zone might rotate with 2 other banners

  • Submit Your design:  to [email protected]
  • Payments:
    - You can submit your payments online or by mail to the Finance Office.
    - The publications committee will not publish any advertisement without payments.

Please make sure you indicate the size of ads when purchasing. The publications committee does not offer graphic designing service.

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