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Licensed Funeral Director

Position: Funeral Director with a California Funeral Director license

Location: Muslim Community Association (MCA) & Masjid Al-Noor, Santa Clara CA

Supervisor: MCA Treasurer, Funeral Committee chair or other managers as may be assigned

Job Summary:

Muslim Community Association is seeking an employee as Funeral Director position based in Santa Clara,

California. The Funeral Director will guide and provide funeral services to the bereaved families in the

community and in preplanning funeral services. Will work closely with the MCA Funeral Committee.

Work closely with the MCA Funeral Service Engagement personnel.

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Funeral Coordinator - Service Engagement Agreement/Contract:

• End to end ownership of the MCA Funeral Services Process to deliver the highest quality funeral

services as per MCA guidelines and process working closely with the MCA Funeral Committee &

Executive boards.

• Meet with families and work directly with them on MCA’s behalf, arrange for the removal of the

deceased and arrange funeral services. Shall act as a liaison to coordinate desired service


• Arrange for the transportation of deceased from hospitals, coroner’s office, residences and

convalescent homes etc. during business hours and weekends (if necessary).

• Obtain all required legal documents to allow for the burial of the deceased. Will accurately

prepare and process a variety of correspondence and documents including contracts, receipts,

and other forms as appropriate.

• Deliver and pick up Death Certificate orders at Health Department and deliver to appropriate

funeral home following policies and procedures. In case of unnatural death, work with the local

coroner’s office. Arrange for embalming in unusual cases.

• Communicate via email the details of the Janazah prayer well in advance to the community

• Arrange for the Ghusl (washing) and Janazah prayer for the deceased.

• Set up & clean up before and after services. Maintain cleanliness of Funeral Home areas. Clean

funeral home before and after ghusl, replenish all the things required for ghusl. All garbage to

be disposed properly (i.e. garbage vs bio grade-able)

• Maintain cleanliness and preparedness of vehicles (hearses) and schedule maintenance and

repairs (such as oil changes) as needed.

• Assist on funeral services to set up and assist with casket loading/unloading.

• Co-ordinate and inform the burial place to ensure that the required burial place is ready for the


• Arrange transportation of the deceased to the final resting place, assist in the burial process for

the deceased. Participate in making dua for the deceased.

• Work closely with the Funeral Committee; Other duties as assigned

• Follow the process laid down by MCA on reporting monthly, quarterly and yearly.

• Contract would initial for 3 months as probation and extended to a year based on performance

• Payments for funeral service would be based on per Janazah (awaiting your quotation per


Email resume to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it