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The MCA Bookstore is Closed Until Further Notice
Welcome to Bay Area’s Largest Islamic Bookstore!

Muslim Community Association Bookstore – Serving the intellectual, spiritual and cultural needs of all.
Located at the south side of the MCA Building

Our Hours Are:

Monday – Thursday: 6PM – 8PM
Friday: 11AM – 8PM
Saturday- Sunday: 11AM- 6PM

Classics & Contemporary

  • Qur’an translation and explanation
  • Prophet’s (PBUH) biography and sayings (hadith)
  • Great works by Imam Ghazali and Others
  • Hundred of titles covering Islamic thought, spirituality and contemporary issues
  • Many books ideally suited for sharing with others who have little knowledge of Islam
  • hundred of books in Urdu and Arabic


  • Curricula-based textbooks and workbooks at various grade levels covering Qur’an, Prophet’s (PBUH) biography, Arabic language and literature
  • Stories of prophets and other moral stories
  • songs and shows in audio and video
  • Toys and learning aids such as coloring books and language blocks for girls and boys

Muslim Culture

  • Traditional and modest clothes for women and men
  • Prayer rugs, caps, perfume, incense, beads and other traditional items
  • Art Objects including wall hangings, calligraphy scrolls,and display pieces
  • Clocks, wristwatches and other electronics
  • Table-top books covering culture and history