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Zakah for the Needy

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Pay your Zakatul-maal, to calculate your Zakat you can use our Zakat calculator. More

Operations and Activities

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Support MCA in its mission, your donation is highly recommended that we can improve and expand our services.

Minimum quantity for "Operations and Activities" is 1.

newsletter payment
Newsletter Payment

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Please enter the amount need to be paid for your ad. Make sure to enter the right amount. For advertisement guide, rates and more info please visit this... More

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MCA Maintenance

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Iftar Sponsorship

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  Daily Iftar : $225 Khatm night : $400 Lailat Al-Qadr night : $400 Community Iftar : $700 Eid expenses :  $500 More

This is for daily and community iftar

New Building Fund

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Minimum quantity for "New Building Fund" is 1.

Funeral Fund

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Minimum quantity for "Funeral Fund" is 1.

Sadaqa Donation

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Sadaqa Donation

Direct Deposit -Monthly Pledges

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art flyer
MCA Women's Creative Club

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