Your support to MCA is highly recommended. We have provided you with different types of donations for your convenience.

Direct Deposit -Monthly Pledges

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Eid Fitra

CODE: Don-Fitra


Pay your Eid Fitra as early as possible to help us distribute before Eid inshallah. Note that every member of your family has to pay Fitra including kids...

Funeral Fund

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Minimum quantity for "Funeral Fund" is 1.

Iftar Sponsorship

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Cost per 1 day / 1 type of Iftar: - Daily Iftaar for singles in Week days  (Single Brothers & Sisters): Average Attendance: 350, sponsor 1... More

MCA Maintenance

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Minimum quantity for "MCA Maintenance" is 1.

New Building Fund

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Minimum quantity for "New Building Fund" is 1.

Operations and Activities

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Support MCA in its mission, your donation is highly recommended that we can improve and expand our services.

Minimum quantity for "Operations and Activities" is 1.

Ramadan Family Expenses

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The expenses in Ramadan is $125 per family.

Sadaqa Donation

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Sadaqa Donation

Suhoor Sponsorship

CODE: Don-suhoorsponsorship

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MCA will provide Suhoor to its members starting from the 14th of Ramadan. You can sponsor as many spots as you want for Suhoor. You may share a sponsorship... More