Your support to MCA is highly recommended. We have provided you with different types of donations for your convenience.

Direct Deposit -Monthly Pledges

CODE: Don-monthlydeposit

Subscribe to our monthly direct deposit service, the amount will be withdrew automatically from your bank account using our secure Authorize.net Merchant... More

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Funeral Fund

CODE: Don-funeral

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Minimum quantity for "Funeral Fund" is 1.

MCA Maintenance

CODE: Don-renovation

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Donate generously to help us maintain MCA facility and you can contribute to MCA Campus expansion. Please contact us for more details. More

Minimum quantity for "MCA Maintenance" is 1.

New Building Fund

CODE: Don-renovation

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In 1994, a few visionary community members seized the opportunity of a lifetime and bought the current MCA building. It’s taken 20 years for this... More

Minimum quantity for "New Building Fund" is 1.

Operations and Activities

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Support MCA in its mission, your donation is highly recommended that we can improve and expand our services.

Minimum quantity for "Operations and Activities" is 1.

Sadaqa Donation

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Sadaqa Donation

Zakah for the Needy

CODE: Don-zakat

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Pay your Zakatul-maal, to calculate your Zakat you can use our Zakat calculator. More